5 Unique Gardens Around The World

There are many gardens around the world, some big and some small but there are also some that stick out. This list will be showing just a few of the gardens that stick out from the pack. Some of these gardens are dangerous and others are spectacular but all are unique in their own way.

1. Poison Garden


The Poison Garden lies within one of England’s well known gardens, the Alnwick Garden. The Poison Garden is blocked with black gates to stop visitors from entering the dangerous area. This garden is home to around 100 different poisonous plants. The poison garden was created in 2005 and features plants like Strychnos nux-vomica and ricinus communis.

2. The Garden of Cosmic Speculation


The Garden of Cosmic Speculation is located in Dumfriesshire, Scotland and spans over 30 acres. This masterpiece of a garden was created by Charles Jencks. The garden does not have many plants but instead has mathematical formulae and scientific phenomena which works together with nature to create a beautiful garden. This garden was inspired by science and math which is why the garden is not filled with plants.

3. Gardens by the Bay


Gardens by the Bay is a park that is around 250 acres in Singapore. It is known for its “Supertrees” which are man-made structure that stand at a height of over 25 meters. The Supertrees display many plants from around the world and are featured in a nightly light show.

4. The Hanging Gardens of Paddington


This flower basket is located in Paddington, London. This basket is 25 feet above ground and contains over 100 different varieties of plants. When full the hanging basket weighs over 2 tons. Plants featured in the hanging basket include ferns, orchids and roses. 

5. The Step Garden


The Step Garden is located in Japan on top of ACROS Fukuoka Prefectural International Hall. The objective of this garden is to improve the environment in the city. This garden spans over 5400 square metres and has over 50,000 plants. This garden has grown since the completion of the building which at the time started with around 37,000 plants.







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